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Though the year there are tasks that will make your results shine, in mid summer, when your lawn should look its best. If you examine the surface for ridges, bumps and  troughs in winter and even them out, which is fairly major and will take some months to repair fully it can be sorted ready for next season. If your lawn is used more frequently or more heavily, maybe the odd sports event, then this sort of task will be more common than for just an ornamental type garden. 



Make sure you have good drainage. A pooling of water during the rain is a  sign that the surface has a trough there and that it is not draining away very well. Proper aeration should always be scheduled into your year, it need not be as thorough as say a football ground, golf course  or tennis court but to get the best out of the lawn, it is an essential task. Drainage, moss control, even growth and strong growth in the early stages of spring all depend on good aerated grass surfaces.



In the pages listed in this section you will find plenty of simple things you can do to vastly improve the quality of your lawn. The most important ones occur in April and May where aeration and scarification are usually done and regular feeding should be kept going right through the main season. You will find reviews of equipment under the  main menu above and various feed products in the side bar.





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