The Worx WG773E 24V Cordless mower is lightweight and very maneuverable , cutting up to 500 sq metres on a single charge.  Its battery , a  5 Ampere Hour lead acid type is detachable  for charging. 


The Worx is certainly light, one of the lightest at only 15Kg. Easy to lift anywhere for storage. The blade is 33cm ( just 13 inch)  so its going to add some extra time marching up and down, with such a narrow cut.  The cutter will mulch or rear discharge or bag the cuttings and It offers only 3 different cutting heights from 20 to 60 mm , the lever arrangement is a little crude and did sometimes jump out.


The cuttings bag being lifted out away for emptying


The Battery lifts  out for charging it’s a 5AH lead acid type. Quite expensive to replace


The handle folds flat for storage, the whole thing only weighs 15Kg


Nothing will happen until you put in the safety key

What Our Buyers thought….

Super little machine light as a feather and cuts well, height adjustment a bit crude but a small problem.

it was easy to assemble; the battery lasted a long time, it was lightweight and it was easy to use.

The wheels were so small it kept getting stuck

I have never been a fan of “battery operated” anything, but this mower has made a believer out of me.








The Fiskars 113880 Momentum Reel Mower has been designed from scratch, to be the very best available, they have a Patent pending InertiaDrive technology. Importantly it has a much longer wheelbase than every other push mower on the  market. This offers the best stability and most accurate cut , over an amazing 2.5 to 10 cm height adjustment , which is a very easy single lever adjustment. 


Fiskars on Test

I found the Fiskars very easy to push, but had enough mass to keep it from skidding in damp grass, they claim and I would say its  probably true that it is about 30% more efficient using Fiskars own momentum drive mechanism. The claim for this is that it is less likely to jam when encountering twigs and other tough grass and to a degree this was true in our test, it did go through the rough area of the garden quite easily.

Height of the Handle is Adjustable

 There is a very fine alignment of the cylinder giving a good cut without the blades touching, which makes the need to do regular blade sharpening less likely. Overall the Fiskars gave a very good cut and was comfortable to use, important since all the energy has to come from the user!  Key to using a push mower is the handle, if it’s the wrong height it will give you backache, the Fiskars fortunately has a handle length adjustment and with a little patience I found exactly the right setting for me, which was a big difference from the average ( who is average height anyway? ) .

The Cylinder Cut

The main advantage of course of a reel or cylinder type blade arrangement , is a clean cut, resulting in less loss of moisture, less  chance that the grass is prone to bugs and disease and tearing .  We have to take all claims of staysharp blades with a pinch of salt of course, nothing that cuts is going to stay sharp forever, but the mower is very well constructed and should be a superb long term investment in your gardening tools.  It will give you a work out when you use it and there is certainly no noise pollution like with a petrol mower. The only thing that I found on the negative side was the weight, at 23Kg it is a bit of a lump to carry! It was quite reasonable at getting up to the edge of the lawn, but here is where a motorised mower always wins out, you can go very slowly round a tricky bend or corner, with a motor, but with a push mower, if you can’t get up a little speed, it isn’t going to cut. The wheels on this machine are narrower than the cylinder, so it never leaves uncut grass under the wheels.


Fiskars have a good reputation and I would say that in the unlikely event of you needing some help with a problem, it would certainly be forthcoming. Excellent product , highly  recommended, we rated it  9/10 ( 1 point off for no grass box)



What the buyers Thought…..

thing that I found slightly wanting was the lack of a grass box. If you look at the mower they seem to have made a provision for one but as of the time of writing there is nothing from Fiskars yet.

Despite being easy to push, the gearing on the blade is sufficient for it to give a good cut – I didn’t feel a need to retrace my steps and re-mow areas.

Credit to Fiskars where it is due. This is a well designed piece of kit, where the challenges faced by the user have been thought about. It’s blade is great. The heaviness adds to its cutting power via a momentum effect



Bosch have produced a good quality, smart and workman like push mower that looks like it will last and last.


The configuration of 5 blades in the cylinder cutter is 38cm wide, the Bosch has a real roller , not a strip of rubber !  The rear mounted grass cuttings box I thought was a little small at 25 litre, but worked fine. Height adjustment was  from 15-43mm and the gearing from the wheels made short work of any reasonable height of grass, being fairly easy to push. Lifting the unit in and out is no problem either as it only weighs 7Kg.  Even on moist days the weight was sufficient to make the cylinder cutter spin without skidding on the grass surface.

 Review Results

Overall I found the build quality was very good, certainly in the top %  of the push mowers tested. Highly recommended we gave the Bosch a 9/10 all round.


 Our Buyers Said…

 The wide cylinder means that it covers a large area very rapidly and since many motor mowers only work the cylinder but still need pushing, it makes one wonder why buy the more expensive petrol versions?

the ease at which you can raise or lower the cutting height is really handy. Not having to use a wrench to make this adjustment is a really nice feature

Great mower for my small lawn, saves all the bother of getting the extension lead out to use with an electric and having to wind and re wind he leads. Light enough to carry too. Would recommend




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