One of the most important tasks, which many forget is aeration. Without enough oxygen the grass stems will not flourish as they should. Aerating or making a series of holes in the grass bed will achieve:-

  • Let the grass stems breathe – let oxygen in
  • Let CO2 carbon dioxide out – enable the natural carbon cycle
  • improve drainage
  • improve access to lawn feeds when used

This very simple task will do more for a poor lawn than any other process, make certain you perform aeration at least once during the year.


As a general rule use steel spikes or tines of at least 125mm to get enough penetration for the process to work properly. This can be done, if the area of the lawn is small , with a garden fork. For larger areas , a mechanical rotor type aerator is a big help in getting the job done , in a reasonable time and without the backache of using a fork.

You should notice within a very short time , the growth pattern, the color and density of the lawn have improved dramatically. Aeration can be done at most times of the year, although it is best to avoid times in winter when the ground may be frozen, if only to avoid the sheer effort involved! Also avoid times when the ground may be too hard, mid summer, again it will take more effort to finish the job.

If you are repairing an area, damaged by over use or pests for example, it will be far less noticeable when complete and the new growth is established, if the area around the repair zone, is first scarified and then aerated, It will blend in far more easily and quickly.

Consider overseeding when aerating, important that these go together

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