How to Use the Lawn Mower

To maintain your lawn at its best the lawn needs to be mowed . At different times of the year there are advantages to changing the height of cut and the regularity of mowing but most importantly

  • Cut regularly
  • Keep the blades sharp

If you allow the blades to become blunt, the grass is torn, which if severe will let in disease . Check a day after mowing for the tell tale white ends which indicate the blades are not sharp enough. Mowing will encourage new and thicker growth. It will also help in developing fine grasses and of course stop the flowering and seed propagation of weeds. Read about the best of the new mowers in our mower reviews

In the Uk , from December to March usually no action will be required and especially if very wet, you don’t want to damage the surface, dragging equipment across it. So judge carefully when to start, on average mid march is when the grass starts up again after winter dormancy. I have heard experts say “About the only advantage to hover mowers is when its wet “, I suppose its when the lack of wheels does less damage, but if its that wet you shouldn’t be mowing anyway!


How Often should I mow the Lawn

For most people, at most times of the gardening year it is ” as often as you are able” to. To get the very best out of a lawn professionals will adopt a schedule for the lawns in their care. Starting in March ( dependent on moisture level ) about 14 days maximum between mowing sessions.

As growth kicks in , in April this would be shortened to every 10 days. Further to every 7 days when the weather shows improvement . This is about right, all the way through to the end of August .

September and October slow it down again to 10 or 12 days between sessions and then continue to cut in November only if the weather is mild. Stop if the wet weather moves in, to avoid any damage.

There will be other tasks ongoing for your lawn in these periods but mowing encourages growth and keeps it looking good.

Adjusting the height of cut

For most general purpose lawns NEVER CUT TOO CLOSE Wimbledon 8mm cut may be fine for tennis but most people haven’t got 28 ground staff pampering their front lawn! Too short a cut may encourage other species ( weeds and pests ) in to do their damage.

Bosch Rotak 43 heightadjust

Depending on the type of grass, most hardy varieties should be ok mown to 2 cm in the best months of summer growth and 2.5cm the other less active months of growth from March though to November. Don’t mow at all, when the ground get waterlogged or after heavy rain.

Restarting Mowing on an Overgrown Garden

This is a special case, best results here will be to be cautious and only trim a third of the total length, in a mowing session, give it a few days to recover before continuing and getting down to the ideal 1 inch / 2.5cm length.

Trimming the Edges

This is just for show, it will always add to the overall appearance. I would advise the use of a good strimmer and avoid overdoing it, it can get out of hand and you will have a shrinking lawn !

Considering a New Mower Purchase?

Read our reviews of the best of the new models. We review Cordless Mowers, Petrol Mowers, Electric ( Cable) Mowers and Strimmers, to find the very best value, to suit your lawn size and type, be reliable and make a really great impact on your lawn pride and joy, so make sure you know which to avoid and which to seriously consider.

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