Ferrous sulphate

There are a number of different preparations available, but before spending on one which encourages growth, greening and hardening up, if the main purpose is to rid your lawn of moss, the procedure recommended is

  • Treat in autumn , September onwards
  • Treat the mossed area with Ferrous Sulphate preparation below
  • wait for the moss to discolour to dark brown/black
  • scarify / rake out the dead moss

If you don’t adhere to these simple few steps, you risk spreading the moss to other areas of your lawn and wasting your cash on unnecessary growth chemicals which are then raked out when getting the dead moss out or lost in the wet winter months when the lawn is dormant anyway. With a small area a simple garden rake will work fine, scarify thoroughly, preferably using a fine tined rake or consider an electric raker / scarifier

Vitax Greenup

My own favourite Ferrous Sulphate preparation is Green Up by Vitax, the product is sufficient for 100 sq yds ( 83 sq m ) and application is very simple you can download the Instructions below. Use ALL the mixture that you prepare , as it will lose effectiveness in solution if stored.

Use in Different Concentrations
You can use different concentrations for slightly different effects. Use full strength 500g per 10Litre water ( for a 100 sq yd lawn ) for maximum effectiveness on moss, it will quickly darken at this strength ready to rake off the dead moss. Use up to 200g per 10 litre ( 100sq yd lawn) for greening up the grass and increasing its hardiness against fungus and diesease. This technique is commonly used on running tracks, especially in the autumn months, the strong growth induced is perfect for hard worn grass surfaces. A weak solution between 50 and 150 g per 10 Litre (100sq yd lawn) is perfect for good colour at any time of year, though avoid days of strong sunlight and make sure adequate moisture is present in the soil.


Vitax-MOSSFREE instructions pdf




Combination Products

If you are wanting a growth spurt in the spring AND a degree of greening up and thickening of the Grass with a moss deterant then this mix is perfect for the job and is the number one selling product. Use anytime from April through spring and summer. Treat the whole lawn not just the mossy areas, for a great growth and colour enhancer.


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