This very large area sports ground is usually mown with a large petrol lawnmower, but was left, without mowing, apart from the single pathway shown, for 8 weeks. Ok it may be an extreme example, but there are some good points to make note of.



The area left to grow wild, certainly grew well, but relying on rain water only , you can see a marked difference between the mowed and unmowed area. The available water, from just the rain, evaporated quickly on the dense growth, never sinking down to root level, the cut area is green and obviously in better condition. Problem weeds have also flowered and their seeds dispersed well, during the period. The mulching effect, when mowing short grass, will prevent in most cases, the development of moss growth, so the bottom left corner area, which was mown yesterday after a long period of inaction, won’t have nice mulched cuttings, but a thick covering of straw. When the cooler and wetter autumn days are here, this will be ideal for moss to take hold.

Coping with long Grass

If you have to cut really long grass, try to clear the cuttings away, then water generously to return the grass to its best, in the shortest time, keep mowing twice a week if possible and it will reward your efforts with quickly restored green colour.

If you are in the situation of having a lawn in such condition, don’t be tempted to use an electric mower, generally speaking its too much for them and will cause irreparable damage to the motor overheating it, especially one which is a few years old, petrol mowers have much more available power and tend to be far more robust. To be most efficient, if it’s a foot or more high, hire a scythe from a tool hire place..A sharp one makes an excellent job and will do it in good time believe it or not !

Once cut, keep it to 2 inches max and 1 inch in the peak growing period, for minimal effort gardening. For more detail have a look at my mowing guide

In conclusion then, regular mowing is an advantage on more than one front, if you let your lawns get to the state of the ground in the example, you will have to deal with more weeds, more pests, more moss, which eventually will add up to far more time than you would have spent on it, doing regular mowing.

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