Employing a garden care company sounds like such a good idea doesn’t it. Trouble is, to employ staff, you really have to work every day, but some days it rains….

If you try to mow after heavy rain there are a number of things that go wrong, which can make a big difference to the way your lawn looks.

Commercial lawn care specialists usually use big mowers, its common sense and economy of time, trouble is those big heavy mowers sink into the softer surface after rain and could leave tire tracks or even ruts


Grass which is wet has less friction! So its harder for the mowers to cut, this is where you can get tearing of grass leaves, not what is best for your grass at all, when it dries out this is going to leave brown, dead torn up grass showing.

Young grass plants, in your wet lawn, haven’t yet put down strong roots, so they can be easily ripped out altogether.

Grass normally stands up, but in rain it will be bowed over a little, making the cut uneven at best, after all you wouldn’t go for a haircut after applying mousse or wax products would you?

Because the ‘specialist ‘ has to cut in the rain, he may adjust the blades to cut lower than  normal, so it looks cut, but cutting too short is one way to make a weak lawn, which is then more susceptible to pests, weeds and other problems.

Lastly, if you have specified that you want the cuttings mulched rather than collected, if they get wet, they stick together in clumps, so don’t disperse evenly over the surface, really big clumps will result in dead grass patches if left uncollected.

So…. if you want a job doing right, best do it yourself

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