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Convenience V Cost

The ideal mower for a acre of lawn would probably be a ride-on mower , a mini tractor and for a 10 foot square lawn either a push mower or light duty battery type mower. So the size of your lawn will be the main factor in deciding which one to go for.

Don’t take on too much !

If you have retired from work, gardening can be hard work as time goes by, so consider something that is easy to maneuver, maybe a powered drive wheel type to save on pushing. Do you have to lift it into and out of the garden? Some petrol mowers were very hard to start , many are designed with an easy starting system today, so get an up to date model.

Cost and Value

Mowers are an expensive long term purchase, weighing up which type is most suitable and then selecting which is the best value , with all the features you require can be done on our Mower pages. We review the best of the top selling mowers of all types, list their features and give each one a review Rating.

Customer Feedback

Most important, we have gathered comments both good and bad from people who have bought the same model in the recent past. If common faults and shortcomings have been noticed by several purchasers, we will try to bring it to your attention.

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