This cordless Lithium Ion powered rotary mower is one of the best selling products of 2013. It is the largest of the three Bosch Rotak LI models, having 34cm, 37cm and 43cm blades respectively ( see side panel ) . The Rotak 43 has a specially designed new cutting blade, 43 cm wide and very efficient. The mower is sold with 2 LI batteries so one can always be on charge and ready for work. For that ‘Stately Home’ lawn stripes look, there is a roller on the back of the unit.



Bosch Rotak 43LI

On the back is the grass cuttings box, which has a 50Litre capacity

Bosch Rotak 43 comb

Grass Combs allow a close shave right up to the edge

Bosch Rotak 43 heightadjust

Grass Cutting height very easy to adjust 20 to 70mm

rotak battery

rotak battery

Battery Power

The Bosch is quite light at 13.8Kg, easy to steer around the garden. No cable to trail behind. Compares well with the mains powered model if your lawn is under 300 square metres . If you charge up both batteries it will continue on for another 300 sq m. The battery ( Lithium Ion ) is a 36volt design , which gives an impressive 30minutes of cutting time, easily enough for the 300sq m size. Lithium Ion technology is a big step up from the previous battery types, giving at least a 500 to 700 cycle life, with domestic use this would equate to 5 to 10 years of useful life

Electronic Control

Bosch have achieved major savings in power, by using their EEM electronic control module on this model, which only applies full power, when the motor is under load. Savings of 10% have been typical, which extends the useful mowing time available on each charge.

What Previous Buyers Said…

You will not regret this purchase – the new Bosch mower is excellent. Smooth cut, low weight, perfect results.
My neighbour was that impressed he ordered one last night 🙂

No more running out of fuel or having to mix 2 stroke. No more fumes or noise. So easy that all the family use it, even reluctant teens!

Very light, the wife loves it! She easily does a large garden in 15 minutes – with stripes. Battery’s last ages too.

Bosch Rotak 43LI_150







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