The Cel PowerMow 24V 410mm 16-inch Cordless CY2 Cylinder Mower, is unusal in that it is a cylinder type arrangement, but these always give the best kind of cut, never ripping the grass , like the rotary types can if not kept sharp and adjusted. Its 16 inch wide cylinder cuts very well. This is a lot wider than the Trueshopping model tested in the review, you would need only 3/4 of the number of passes across the lawn to do the job with this model compared with that.



Safety lever and ON switch on the main handleCelA_450 The mower is complete with cuttings box , adjustment can be made to cutting height with the allen key which basically adjusts the position of the roller CelC

Safety Features

This is the only mower so far to have this feature – a removable key, disabling the battery when in storage, in case there are children around. There is also the usual double switch to start it, both on the main handle


Low tech lead acid types have been chosen for this model 24 volt, 7AmpereHour and they do seem to do the job very well. Although charging time is longer, there is usually adequate charge to run the mower over 500 sq metres of lawn. The cylinder type is slightly more efficient than the rotary blade type, so that also helps it last well.



What the customers said…

I recommend this mower to anyone, my garden has 2 levels, both about 10m square and I’ve cut both levels twice on one charge, I haven’t run out of juice yet and I can’t fault the finish.

The grass catcher is very efficient (the best I’ve had) and the battery is heavy enough to let you know it means business! I can mow both front and back lawns on the same day without me, or the mower giving out!

The law mower is well constructed and easy to use. The battery is easy to charge, remove and replace. The lawn owner is heavier than expected and manoeuvring round corners is a little difficult. The grass box could have been better designed. In general a good buy.





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