Ideal for the smaller garden lawn, the New Trueshopping Cordless mower is a perfect economical solution, very low noise, very lightweight at only 18Kg and powerful enough to keep going for up to 90 minutes in normal conditions,


Charging the Battery



Battery Level indicator




Easy removal of the lead-acid battery and the charging unit


The battery is a low tech type lead acid 10 Ampere Hour 24volt, which will take about 6 hours to recharge. A lawn of up to 500 sq metres should be well within its capacity. The motor is a 900 watt unit driving the 30cm rotating blade at 3800 rpm, which cuts cleanly. The cuttings bag, is of 30 Litres capacity and adequate for the job.


There are 4 levels settable with the height adjustment lever 25, 37, 49 and 61mm, which is very convenient , mounted high on the side, as you can see in the battery removal picture above. This adjusts all 4 wheels.

What The Buyers Say…

I bought this about the middle of last year (2008). The battery lasts very well – I’ve got a small lawn at the front and a fair sized one at the back and I can do both of these on one charge, with little apparent depletion of the battery.

It was simple to put together, and is easy to charge(life out the battery and plug in), it is also very simple and easy to adjust cut heights. The mower is light and easy to use.
I would recommend this mower to anyone.

Quiet and light to use, the battery will last for several cuts before needing to be recharged. The lack of a cable gives absolute freedom to get around the garden.

Our Review Rating

Absolutely outstanding value, maybe not the widest cut at 30cm, but it will get the job done and very economically, low tech is good, much less to go wrong! 9/10












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