The new batteries in these mowers (Lithium Ion) have proved themselves already in the computer world, powering laptops for much longer periods than the older Nickel Cadmium types. They are free of the memory effect, that stopped the older batteries being fully charged. BUT! Gardening is outdoors. A different kettle of fish. They will have to withstand cold temperatures, hot temperatures, vibration, moisture, winter neglect and careless handling shock damage, in fact everything that in the electronics world will cause failure!

The weight problem

With any motor powered by batteries, you will gain freedom from cables, but you have to lug those heavy batteries around, fortunately technology has improved in leaps and bounds, with batteries getting lighter for the same power capability. As with all new technology you have to weigh up whether the advantages are worth it.

Most Popular and best Value Models

Our reviews below ( click on each mower picture to read the full review ) take into account – features, cost, problems, packing , delivery service and reliability . Reports , the feedback from previous buyers , note any frequent faults encountered with any model, reported by more than one buyer.


Bosch Rotak 43LI_150Read the Full Review Bosch Rotak LI 43Bosch really are the masters of this Lithium Ion battery tech. A marvel !Best in Review 10/10

TrueShopA_150Read the full Review TrueShopping 24volt CordlessRemarkable value, simple. Should last very well. No high tech stuff 9/10

Cel_150 Cel Cylinder Cordless 24 volt conventional lead acid battery. Efficient and very neat cut 8/10

Read the full Review

 Worx Cordless. Very light wheels small but battery lasted well.


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UK Cordless Mowers
Bosch Rotak 43 LI
Bosch Rotak 43LI_150
Bosch Rotak 37LI
Bosch Rotak 37LI_150
Bosch Rotak 32 LI
Bosch Rotak 32LI_150
Cel Cylinder