Electric mowers ( cable types) are  cleaner and lighter than petrol mowers and they need minimal maintenance.  Recommended for those who don’t have a lot of time , no starting problems.  If you have a small or medium lawn, go for an electric lawnmower. Always be alert to the cable. Don’t plug in to a socket inside the house and trail it through a door, sooner or later someone will shut it, damaging the cable. Check the cable regularly, electricity is dangerous, young ones will want to ‘have a go’ so always make certain the cable insulation is perfect. Using an RCD adapter is a great safety feature, but don’t  rely on it 100%, observe the cable condition. If you do use an RCD  test it make sure it is working properly. Don’t cut the grass when its wet. An integral cable tidy is easiest when you are finished with the task. Most mowers sold now have a dual lock, so the motor cannot be left ON.


Our Electric Lawn Mower Reviews will rate the best currently available: Click pictures to go to our reviews.

Flymo Chevron 34VC-4read the full Flymo review   The Flymo Chevron  came out top for Value, least problems, hard to find any minus points Scored 9/10 1stPlace
Bosch Rotak32(150read the full Bosch Review  We rated the Bosch Rotak 32 an overall 8/10 great motor, good performance and should be a good long term buy. 2ndPlace
Bosch Rotak 40-150read the full Bosch Review Bosch Rotak 40An excellent mower for a large garden, with its wider 40cm cutting width, although at a higher price, a quality product, review rating is 8/10
 FlymoTurboLite2read the full Flymo review    Overall our review gave the Flymo Hover 5/10 a good tool for gardeners with not much time, popular but doesn’t have the advantages of a roller, or any fine adjustment and is the most likely to cause a damaged cord.
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UK Electric Mowers
Flymo Chevron 34VC
Flymo Chevron 34VC-4
AmzBuyNow Our Winner: giving best value for money, least problems from customers, best construction safety and features Flymo Chevron 34VC 1400W 34cm Electric 4 wheel Mower
Bosch Rotak 32
Bosch Rotak32(150
Popular size 32cm cutter . Ideal for small lawns
Bosch Rotak 40
Bosch Rotak 40-150
AmzBuyNow Bosch Rotak 40 Ergoflex Electric Great 40cm wide cutter, last for years good value,
Flymo Turbo Hover
Safety Circuit Breaker
Masterplug RCD_150