Fitting the most popular category the 32cm cutter of this Bosch mower competes well with its rival from Flymo. The cutter can operate right up to edges and walls using its combs , situated in front of the cutting blade. There are a range of cutting heights from 20 – 60 mm, an integral grass cuttings box and rear roller. Bosch have issued a 2 year guarantee on the range of mowers giving max confidence to potential purchasers. The Rotak 32 is easily carried, at only 6.8kg, once the handle is folded , it balances nicely. My only grouch would be the 10m cable…. a bit on the mean side, this will inevitably mean that some users will be plugging into an extension cable.


Bosch Rotak32(400

Bosch Rotak32a

The motor is rated at 1100watt and works well , the ‘powerdrive’ system, Bosch techno, increases torque when the motor is under heavy load. Long term, will this be just ‘more to go wrong’ or is it ultra reliable? Personally I think simpler is better long term. The cuttings box is 31 litre, don’t allow this to completely fill, or it will spill out when emptying.


Bosch Rotak32(150




We rated the Bosch Rotak 32 an overall 4/5 great motor, good performance and should be a good long term buy.


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