.For those wanting the speediest lawn cut, the hover mower is brilliant but, there are these drawbacks  with all hover type mowers:-

  • No grass box so you will get build up of thatch over a growing season
  • Cut length will vary, hover mowers are not accurate
  • Stripes not possible, no roller
  • Hover height will depend on blade speed so will sink on tough grass areas
  • Extra care needed at the edges, the hover loses height at the edges.
  • Unless your lawn is flat, hover mowers can scalp the high points
  • Because of the reinforced hover rim, it won’t cut as close to walls as a rotor type mower



The Flymo is the best available hover mower, excellent results and usually a long lived robust product, my own Flymo products are well into their second decade now and still going strong. This model has a 1150 watt motor, a 33cm metal blade ( WATCH THE CABLE !!!! ) and is very lightweight. Easily stored in the shed/garage from a hanger. You can whizz over the lawn in minutes so ideal for the busy family. Cutting depth can be adjusted between 10 and 30 mm but is not an easy lever adjustment as with all other types of mower, it involves using the blade spanner and adding or taking out the spacers provided, then reassembling the blade. In practice many customers said, they only used one setting as they simply didn’t have the time to take it apart and try the other depth settings, the result is you might cut too short in the summer months leaving the lawn more prone to problems from the Sun and pests. Bear in mind my comments above about hover level depending on the surface being level, tough patches or edges. The 330 model comes with a 12 metre cable and weighs 6.5 kg.

Overall our review gave the Flymo Hover 5/10 a good tool for gardeners with not much time, popular but doesn’t have the advantages of a roller, or any easy cutting adjustment and is the most likely to cause a damaged cord.


Safety: RCD Earth Leakage Cut Out Device to prevent serious electric Shock

If you use a hover Mower our advice is always use an RCD device, this detects any leakage current to earth and reacts very swiftly , within milliseconds, to shut off the power. THIS CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE. In event of the blade cutting the cable, the RCD unit will detect the short and cut the power immediately, preventing serious electric shock.














New Blades for the Flymo Hover Mower ( Genuine Flymo product )

Flymo Blade









Long 20m Replacement Cable for the Flymo Hover
Flymo Rep Cable











Genuine replacement mains lead. Take no risks fit the correct lead



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