New model for 2014, the BMC big 20 has a Wolf 4 stroke OHV petrol engine. You get a top performer , high power and a very efficient machine, having a cutting width of 20 inch, bigger than any of the cordless variety mowers. Wolf have made certain of minimum maintenance with a great easy start (primer operated starting system ) which runs on standard petrol . Power to the wheels is via a half shaft and gearbox, although a 38 Kg weight, the Wolf all steel constructed machine was easy to steer around the garden, the large 10 inch back wheels and front 8 inch wheels make it very maneuverable.


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Turbo Vac

In addition to cutting the grass, the machine has been carefully designed with a big fan above the cutting blade, which acts to vacuum the cuttings efficiently into the bag, it certainly leaves very little behind. Leaves on the lawn which any other mower would just break up and leave behind, this mower will suck up, ideal for adding to the compost heap. I can’t recommend that you break up twigs and leaves like in the video on a regular basis , but it is a good demonstration of the power of the vacuum on this model.

You can also choose the side discharge mode opening the plastic mulching cover.

Mulch or side discharge



Wolf 5.5HP 4 stroke OHV petrol engine, provides more than adequate power to cut the grass with its 20 inch blade and march forward at any pace! The throttle speed control worked well and adjusted smoothly to give any speed required.

Starting the Engine

Most important with any petrol mower, how easy is it to start? We found that when starting from cold, just pressing the primer button was enough, it always started first pull. If you are restarting and the engine is still hot, turn the throttle down almost to minimum and again the engine started reliably every time. Great result Big 20 !

Height Adjustment

Adjusting the height, often a fiddly job with some of the cable type mowers, is a snip on the Wolf, simple single lever to adjust the cutting height to one of 7 levels 25mm to 60mm. It comes with a lawn striper and a 50 litre grass collection bin.

What our Buyers Said…

This is a great machine! It is powerful with a good range of cutting heights, easy to manoeuvre despite its size and cuts well. The company was a pleasure to deal with and delivery was actually earlier than expected. The Turbo-Vac feature is an added bonus and leaves a lot less debris unlifted. I would fully recommend this mower to anyone with a large garden.

I would recommend this machine to anyone with a larger garden. I really can’t fault it at all, it was very easy to assemble, I put the correct oil and petrol in it, primed it and it fired first pull. I’m absolutely delighted with this machine

the mower was delivered on the day as advised, only had to attach handles add oil and petrol and ready to go
having read some negative reviews i was a little apprehensive as to results, but after one slow pull to prime engine on the pull cord it started straight away that and subsequent times. The engine is quiet in operation very pleased

I did note some complaints that the mower cut too short, but on our sample the cutting height was almost exactly as stated 25 to 60mm, so we must assume that the one in question was assembled incorrectly. A couple of notes in the feedback referred to starting problems, but the vast majority found it easy to start, including our sample which worked impeccably.

Our Review Rating

Overall our impression was of a well built , all steel constructed mower of very reasonable price, which should last well , as with many of the German Wolf products and be a great work-horse.  Review rating 9/10.  Recommended for big gardens

With Turbo Vac Feature:
Wolf engine BMC





Without Turbo Vac Feature

Wolf engine BMC



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6 Responses to BMC BIG 20 Wolf Engine Petrol Self Propelled

  • E g howells says:

    Do you supply any spares please. The carburator leakes and having taken it off the block it seems that the thin gasket has perished. The engine is the 5.5 hp bmc t urbo 29 in. cut. Can you pleas help?

  • TREVOR DAVIS says:

    can anyone help with my drive cable on my mower needs changing how do you replace
    it. I had a go and found the big disc under the blade is hard to come off I am not sure
    if it unscrews or pulled off any help will be very grateful thanking you

    Trevor Davis

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