The Draper Family Company, established for over 90 years has 4 models of petrol mower in the current range. Made to a very good standard the Draper sells largely to trade customers, which is testament to its quality and reliability.



Draper Expert 08400

High Specification

This product is suited to medium to large gardens up to 450 sq m. The mower is self propelled and comes with a 40cm cutter, clutch-operated gearbox and four-stroke petrol engine. Construction is very solid, all steel made deck , but a reasonable 31.5 kg in weight, so quite manageable. The handle is made to fold away for convenience in storage and has throttle lever and clutch control for the propulsion to the wheels

There are 10 height levels of adjustment for the grass cutter 25mm to 75mm. The engine is 4HP, 118cc capacity 4 stroke unit. The cuttings bag is 50-litre .


Draper Expert 08400

Draper Expert 08400 Petrol Mower


Customers Say…

Having used this mower for the past few weeks I must say I am very pleased with it.Living in the Highlands the ground is very uneven with a lot of ups and downs,and the lawn is anything but bowling green perfect.This mower has coped very well ,long may it continue.

for anyone with smallish hands, the clutch operating bar is several inches away from the handle. This makes it very difficult to hold in the operator safety bar, steer the mower and control the clutch operation all at the same time

Good product and easy enough to use. Quite heavy but I manage to get it out, away and push around as needed. (Woman 32) the fact its self propelled is obviously very useful. I would reccomend this product, it feels sturdy and like it can last, We had it up and working in no time.

this came very quickly it was bought for a friend who has a grass cutting buisness. the copes well with a moss lawn and has good revs on the engine, leaves his mountfield mower with own engine standing

Review Rating

Given the very reasonable price, the unit is a good solid worker, there wasn’t much negative feedback from purchasers at all. Its weight and the fact that it has powered wheels will make it a good selling product. 7/10


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