The FOX 20″ mower with 4 Blade rotor, has a Wolf 4 stroke  173cc 5.5 HP petrol engine. Its 20 inch cutter out performs 2 blade cutters, cutting even thick stalks first pass. The important height of cut is adjusted easily and with a single lever, having 7 stops, giving cutting heights from 25mm to 70mm ( 1 inch to 3 inch approx ) . Having a 4 stroke engine, these do tend to add a bit to the weight ( 27kg) but are generally easier to start. 


The mower has modes for

  • Just cutting
  • Cut and collecting
  • Side discharge
  • Mulching

The collecting unit is a good size 50Litres. The self propelled drive is completely variable and drives the rear wheels. Wheels are 7 inch front and 10 inch rear for better traction. The wheel size is also a good aid to maneoverability.

What our buyers thought

A very efficent mower. Easy to start and engine runs well. Excellent cutting capability in all of its modes on damp or dry grass. The four blade system gives a much finer cut than the more normal two blade system

Have had this for 2 months and working well, took around 5 minutes to put together so good to go. Mulching works well however you need to clean the blade area a couple of times and not convinced that the lawn liner actually does anything. I have half an acre and this is fine to use on this and can handle it no problem. Would recommend as a good mower for its price

overall this is a first class machine which has halved the time my previous machine took to mow my rear lawn (270′ x 55′). The machine is on the heavy side, but I found it easy to turn so long as the drive mechanism was disengaged

Cuts the grass nicely with easy starting and stripes/lines. Easy movement of height; one handle. The speed is changable but this 20″ is a little heavy



The 4 blade cutter is very effective, it has the equivalent of a two blade cutter running twice as fast. Blades retain their edge better, less noisy and copes with thicker stems easily due to the power available in the Wolf 4 stroke engine



To use the side discharge feature, just open the side flap



Remove the plug to use the grass collector attachment

The best feature seems to be its power ,cutting efficiency and obviously price at under half what some in our survey cost. I gave it 7/10 rating.









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