Another good product from the well known and trusted Hayter brand. This one is powered by the Briggs and Stratton 500 series, 4 Horse power engine.




Instead of metal it has a ABS polymer deck, so good weight savings there. The wheels are not powered, so a doubly good choice of materials making it light to maneuver around the garden, at 35 kg, it is manageable around the obstacles by almost everyone.

Assembly out of the box

Is as simple as it can possibly be. Attach an adjustment wheel to the side, raise the handle and fill up ! Several of the first time users commented on how quiet this mower was compared to others they had owned.

What our buyers said…

I find that the grass chute under the mower does not clog up with fine cuttings as my previous mower did, which is good. Also, because of the streamlined decking, there are very few places for the debris to collect and thus cleaning is quick and simple

An excellent machine, delivered very quickly at a price not to be found elsewhere on the internet or at shops and garden centres (some of which were twice as expensive) The machine is relatively quiet in operation and easy to use.

I had hoped sticking to a long standing manufacturers name would give me a good reliable product and I have been very satisfied with the quality and performance of the mower. Very Good for small to medium gardens









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