The Honda Izy HRG465SD 18-inch Wheeled Self Propelled mower. Latest from a long line of renowned good quality petrol mowers, not much to report as an undate to the previous model, just an auto choke. Starting its 135cc 4 stroke engine is very easy on this model, it has auto decompression so you hardly feel any resistance when starting. True the cutter size isn’t the largest of the reviewed mowers at 41cm, but long term I am sure most gardeners would rather have a mower that started first time every time, than cover the lawn in one less width!

Another immediate difference from the competition is the weight, a mere 23 kg. Less than half the mass of the cheaper Ryhas 22inch mower at a staggering 49kg. The Ryhas is not the sort of machine you would want to manhandle too often.
Honda Izy-450


Honda have addressed the problems of airflow, with this machine, you can tell that because of the attention to detail in design, the fact that there are no serious ‘corners’ in the cutting chamber, grass just doesn’t stick anywhere, when its dry and when its wet, a quick hose down is all that is necessary to thoroughly clean it, ready for next time.

Honda Izy3Grass cutter height adjustment

The Honda handled wet grass and tall grass equally well, I would rate it amongst the best tested so far. To make a top notch job of long grass of course, start at the long setting 74mm and lower it for another pass at the low setting 20mm ( not 74cm and 20cm as the Honda advert states LOL ! )

Honda Izy2-450

The drive to the wheels is good too, the speed is pre determined, I would guess at about 2.5mph, ok for most jobs and perfectly ok for those with steeper gardens to tackle , which it seems to do effortlessly the revs not dropping much at all. There is a rubber strip attachment which sits behind the rear wheels, which gives a strip effect as it mows. Not quite as defined as a roller, but not bad and saves the weight of course.

My Review gives it 10/10. A high quality and durable machine, Honda have the confidence to give a 3 year warranty.

Honda Izy Engine Service Kit. 06211-VH3-000

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