Over the years, the needs of the average garden have changed little, you will need all of these at some time in your gardening career. An investment in quality and a good name will pay for itself in the end with good results and long lasting tools. Aim to start with a minimum of

  • spade
  • fork
  • mower
  • shears
  • trowel
  • hand fork

Be realistic with your choices, if you have a massive garden or you are shall we say ‘ not in the first flush of youth!’ don’t take on exhausting tasks with inadequate tools, in the middle of summer.  Equally don’t buy a ride-on mower for a postage stamp size lawn!

If your lawn is an interesting shape, or has an uneven surface, you will need some sort of cutter, to tackle these areas, not possible with a traditional mower, I recommend a good grass trimmer ( strimmer ), which is also great for lawn edging and avoiding beheading your flowers!

Hover mowers, I suppose , do have their place. But, if your lawn isn’t flat, a hover will be a pain to use and there will always be a bald patch.

The size of your garden will determine what you need to buy , if you are spending too much of your leisure time mowing with an old push mower then take a look at our mower reviews




Similarly if you are spending all day trimming hedges with a pair of shears , no matter how fulfilling that may be, there are some real gems to be had especially with electric type strimmers. Have a look at the strimmer reviews





Two of the most essential jobs are aerating the lawn and scarifying or removing compacted thatch. Here we review a few tools to make the job quicker and more efficient:

aeration shoes_300



Aerating Shoes Review
BD elect scar_300 greenkey aerator_300




Black & Decker Scarifier Review






GreenKey Aerator Review

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