Quality foremost with the Black and Decker Scarifier model GD300. Make short work of this essential task on a medium or large lawn. Use in conjunction with the Greenkey rolling lawn aerator, to give your lawn a makeover.

The 600watt motor clears build ups of ‘thatch’ easily and quickly, it has a 30cm / 12 inch wide coverage. Its 9 kg weight , is easy to maneuver around the garden. For anyone with a shady lawn especially with trees throwing shadows over the lawn, a good scarifier is essential to keep the moss growth at bay.

The unit received overall a very favourable feedback from purchasers, the length of cable supplied being adequate ( a frequent source of complaint with electrical products ) and the collection box , although now just a netting construction, was also described as ok / does the job / adequate by most users. The older models with a big metal box, did weigh considerably more.

Black and Decker GD300

Black and Decker GD300

BD elect scar2



  • 10 metre cable
  • 600watt motor
  • Rake width 30cm
  • Rake height 2 to 8 cm adjustment
  • Rear roller


What the buyers say…

  The new one has been updated and does the job very well indeed. We are pleased with our purchase and would recommend to anyone…

Would recommend to anyone with moss in their grass. Much easier and less tiring than manually raking

my dreams came true and this little machine works a treat. The amount of thatch caught in the hopper was incredible, even on the first pass –  you will not be disappointed and your lawns will look amazing in a few months after it has done its job.







For the larger area lawns, Recommended Product




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