This petrol driven trimmer, has the power to tackle the bigger garden with ease. Comes with a line ( nylon cord) cutter and a brush cutter, the cord for grass and the brush for thistles, brambles and the wild weeds. Its double harness makes the weight , some 11 kg ( one of the heaviest reviewed ) quite bearable for the average guy. Maneuverability with the 2 handles was excellent. It makes short work of the heavy duty stems like the thick weeds and brambles, so great if you have a wilderness to deal with! Not constrained of course by electric cables or battery charge time as with the cordless electric strimmers.

Draper Expert45576-3

Reviews by purchasers have been very favourable, although most commented on the weight, they thought the tool was perfectly ok in use. Noise, which is sometimes an issue with petrol engines especially these 2 stroke type engines, was not too bad. I recommend wearing ear defenders though , the dB level on any of these petrol driven trimmers, is high enough to give ear damage long term.

Draper Expert45576-cutter
Engine capacity: 32 cc, 2 stroke
Engine output (maximum): 900 watts
Engine speed (maximum): 7,500 rpm
Shaft length: 1,500 mm
Fuel tank capacity: 1.25 L
Weight (dry): 7.8 kg
Brush cutter cutting diameter: 255 mm
Brush cutter teeth: 4
Line trimmer cutting capacity: 400 mm

Draper Expert45576-motor

Draper Expert45576-150







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