Welcome to the Grass Blog! Everything you wanted to know about creating and maintaining the finest Lawn possible. Whether you want a new Petrol or Electric lawn mower or just tips to keep your lawn flourishing, healthy and problem free. From my own experience and tips from all over our two countries here are the best methods to start your garden off with a great lawn.

Sow and Mow ! and everything inbetween

I’ll not only show you how and when, but where to get everything you need, with minimal effort and time. I review the technical stuff –

  • Read the Lawn Mower Section to find out: Is the new type of battery used in Cordless lawn tools, any good?
  • Read the Lawn Guide Section to find: What is the best way to repair lawn edging
  • We have sections for every type of mower you might buy: Which is best for a small garden or What is the best type of mower for long grass
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What is the perfect Lawnmower

When you consider which of the many types to buy, what method gives the best cut? It would be as near to scissor action as possible, a clean cut of uniform length, so when the hard work is done, your stripes show off the best , neatest manicured lawn ever.  What to avoid, well skid marks, bald patches, uneven length. There is little doubt the cylinder type , with the cutting blades at the front, roller at the back, is going to give the neatest cut, but only on a nice perfectly flat bed, if your yard has anything but a flat surface, you probably need to look in a different direction. Having had to mow the long grass in our yard with an old wartime push cylinder mower when I was a kid, its no fun !


In my opinion the hover mower is for one thing only, speed. It will struggle to cut evenly to a uniform length, it will not cut and lay stripes, it has no roller, it will lose height over the edges, resulting if you are not very careful  , in bald patches. There is also no grass bag on most domestic models, so that isn’t an option.

Rotary Cutter

This is by far the most common category, giving a machine which is applicable in 99% of all gardens. They do come in a lot of varieties, electric, battery and petrol/gas , usually 4 wheel, adjustable height. The type of engine you choose will depend to some degree on how big an area of lawn you have, how much effort you are prepared to put in  mowing and what sort of terrain the lawn is in. A bad choice for one with large hills and lots of tough scrubland grass, would be a battery powered (or underpowered ) mower with a very small cutting diameter. Much better to outlay a bit more for a self powered ( the wheels are driven by the motor ) one with a large diameter blade for better coverage per pass ( each length of the garden you walk )

Read our Lawn Tips and Mower Reviews

I hope you gain something from the tips I have given in the Guide posts on the blog and the reviews of the many mowers on sale. All the reviews feature top selling brands and I now have all types covered in both countries , so good luck in picking the perfect lawn mower for you !

This is a USA and a UK based site for Grass Lawn Care, to reflect the Weather, gardening trends and product differences,  All the lawn mowers,Strimmers and Weed Whackers, petrol,electric and cordless have been carefully reviewed for you, to select the best overall value when making these expensive purchases

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For most gardeners in America and Britain a good lawn is the main part of the garden, the first thing that visitors see on arrival. It can be a source of great pride.  It can certainly add to the value of your property. Just how does the local golf course manage to look so good throughout the seasons? We look at the planning stage, planting and aftercare of your grass lawn. What to do and when to do it. Where to go for the essentials.


If you are planning to start a new garden, have a look at our guides on the USA and Uk pages, checkout the important things to do in preparation of the soil , where you live. Get the right type of grass seed or Sod / turf, don’t just buy the first product you see, your lawn may be there for 50 years! Do it the right way , save a ton of money and your neighbors will be green with envy!

Best US Mower ***
USbutton Read the full REVIEW and find out which Mower is a cut above the rest for value! WINNER ! Husqvarna-7021P-150
Best UK Mower
Ukbutton Our Winner: giving best value for money, least problems from customers, best construction safety and features. Read the full Review HERE Flymo Chevron 34VC-4 AmzBuyNow
Bosch Rotak 37 LI
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Bosch Rotak 32 LI
Bosch Rotak 32LI_150 AmzBuyNow
Bosch Rotak 43 LI
Bosch Rotak 43LI_150 AmzBuyNow
Cel Cylinder 24volt
Cel_150 AmzBuyNow Efficient, quiet and safe. Gives a really neat cut
Honda Izy Best Petrol
BEST IN REVIEW; a great petrol mower does everything very well - highly recommended.
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