The choice of mower is astonishing, the more popular Electric cord and Gas types are seeing more and more competition from the battery types, the great convenience of cordless operation is becoming more viable with newer types of battery , lighter and more powerful, and not suffering the problems of partial charging, that older NiCad systems had.



Read our assessment of the latest lawnmowers in each category

gas Gas Mower Reviews,





plug in

Electric Mower Reviews






battery Cordless Mower Reviews







We have awarded points and show the winner in each category based on value, power, convenience, adjustment, features, problems raised .


Don’t forget to consider:

How Big is your yard?  Do you need a ride on mower or a hover

How keen are you when gardening , do you want speed or perfection?

Are you getting good value and a long life product

Do you have storage space?

Hows your back? Don’t take on too much when you’ve reached retirement and should be taking it easier.

Consider customer feedback, they soon show up a bad product !



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