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We reviewed each of the models on their own page ( click on “See Full Review to read more ) here are the top four. Our review focused on value, we noted that certain models were incomplete ie sold without a cable or a cuttings bag making comparison of price more difficult. The views of previous customers was also taken into consideration , with several being marked down if a particular fault was found more than once.

The Winner was the Greenworks 25022, which we can heartily recommend to all. Best features, price and guarantee.


Greenworks25022a-150see full review The Winner !Our overall review found the Greenworks 25022 to be the best value. Well made, sturdy, great price. 4 year warranty.Hard to find anything to  improve 10/10 1stPlace
Black&DeckerMM875-150see full review Runner up Black & Decker MM875 model Great features, higher price9/10 2ndPlace
Greenworks25142-150see full review The Greenworks 25142 also very good value & with 4 year Guarantee8/10
earthwise50214d-150ee full review Earthwise 50412 some nice features . Small 14″ cutter so very good for smaller lawns. No cable !7/10
Black&DeckerLM175-150see full review  Black & Decker LM175Smaller wheels a bit underpowered and sold with bag as accessory. Should last well but poor value against the others



Be sure to be SAFE when using your electric mower. Be especially careful not to damage the cable. Remember that your child might try to use it, so never leave electrical problems unresolved. Always use a power breaker device, they cost very little and can save your life !!!!


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