The Greenworks 25022 model electric mower has a 20inch wide cutter, the ability to mulch or bag or side discharge the grass cuttings.

Greenworks 25022full_450


Height adjustment is really simple, a single seven position lever with really positive steps, allows cutting length from 1.5 to 3.75 inches, simply pull the lever to the outside and slide back or forward, the lever clicks back into a different adjustment notch.


The unit folds up very neatly for storage, with easy screw clamps to lock the handle  in position


A powerful 12 amp motor drives the cutter at 3600 rpm making an easy job of most lawn tasks. There is a safety cut out unit mounted on the right hand side of the handle to protect against shorts. As the deck is all metal, the surround doesn’t extend much beyond the cutter, which makes for a good neat job right up to edges, walls, trees and other obstructions, without resorting to a trimmer. Its weight at 56 pounds was manageable on its larger than average wheels 7 inch on the front and 10 inch on the rear.
And best of all, a 4 year parts and labor warranty!


bookDownload the Greenworks Instruction Book for this model





Greenworks 25022full_450


Side Discharge attachment and Cuttings bag/mulching plug position at the back
















Buyers of this product commented on the high quality build of the unit and how easy the bag was to empty during use , without spillage, some other makes reviewed were clumsy and spilled too easily. The electrical connection to the main cable was strong and locked well, when compared to some others with no lock, which had a tendency to fall out, never a good thing safety wise. There were no faults to report , the vast majority of feedback was positive, in fact 65% rated the mower a full 5/5 stars.

What Greenworks buyers say:

This Greenworks mower is way better than the BD I used to have. It’s a bit bigger, 20″ vs 19″, but it’s lighter, more manuverable and even though both are 12 amp, the Greenworks mower seeems to be more powerful

Best purchase I have made so far. No more gas, no more pulling cords, no more smell. Very quiet running.

I’ve owned a lot of electric mowers but this one is the best. It’s 12 amp motor and thin, sharp blade cuts through thick grass 9″ tall without a problem.







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