A really nimble machine with a small 16 inch cutter, weighing only 39 pounds, ideal for those of us with a lack of brute force !  A powerful 10Amp motor rotates the cutting blade very effectively, you will find it very easy to cut damp or long grass, because the cutting width is smaller the available power is awesome.  The combination of large wheels of 7 inch diameter on the rear axle and 6 inch on the front , makes for a very maneuverable mower indeed. There is a handy cord lock device, which will stop the cord accidentally being disconnected. The mower will mulch or eject cuttings into a rear bag, depending on whether the supplied mulch plug is fitted or not.

A very easy lever adjustment, with big stops, adjusts the cutting height from .75 inch  to 2.6 inch, it adjusts all four wheels , so no tedious and insecure individual adjusting on the Greenworks.

Greenworks are so confident you will find their mower reliable they give a 4 year warranty.





Download the Greenworks 25142 Instruction book FreeGreenworks25142-450



Deck is constructed in tough plastic poly composite material – very light weight but very strong


 5 position cutting length adjustment – adjusts all 4 wheels


It really should be called a vacuum bag; it puffs up like an old Hoover vacuum cleaner as the mower sucks up everything in its path. Using the bag instead of the mulching plug, the vacuum effect also makes the mower work like a Flow-Bee, sucking the blades of grass upright so the mower will cut them more precisely

Another great feature is the wheel hieght lever, quickly ajusts the height on all 4 wheels at once.

I can pick the mower up with one hand, so it’s very easy to push and maneuver round subs,trees and the pool.

no gas fumes, or any kind of fumes whatsoever. no having to stop and start, prime, refill with gas, or even worry about using a blower to get rid of what was mowed…that grasscatcher bag is great

 I also like the fact that the level shifter is on top of the lawnmower and very easy to move. I was also very impressed with the price. I would highly recommend this product.

Of the comments made by people who bought the product all but one were positive and that comment actually wasn’t  relevant as it referred to a different ( battery type) mower. So all in all, a tremendous success story, a well built mower, great features and good record in service, top marks Greenworks 10/10



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