Sun Joe MJ401E a relative newcomer to the American market this Chinese mower has a 12 amp power unit driving a 14 inch steel blade. Having a plastic body it is very lightweight and easy to turn around even the most difficult of obstacles on its 4 wheels.



The cutting length is easily adjusted with a 3 position lever between 1 and 2.5 inches. It has a hard top grass catcher bag,  which was of a slightly smaller size than most of our reviewed mowers.


In operation the lever slipped out of the notches and the  height adjustment and had to be readjusted. The height even at max was too low for some conditions, so unless you have a perfectly flat lawn, this is going to be a problem , scalping areas of your grass. Several customers buying the product complained of poor connection of the wheels, they tended to fall off!

The main source of complaint however was the low power of the motor, despite its 12amp rating, even 4 inch high grass was reported to be seizing the motor. Combined with the small 14 inch wide cutter, a 12 amp motor fitted to other models in our review positively ATE UP the grass, with great ease , so why this motor is so weak is a mystery. The deck is all plastic and is certainly light to carry and to maneuver, but will it stand up to the usual bumps and scrapes of garden life , long term?



The bag , although of smallish size, was easily detached with a well placed handle for emptying.


A  likeable design, but with big failings in the motor and wheels areas,  despite its low price , not recommended review rating is 3/10




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