Black & Decker CM1836, A  18-Inch 36-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower for lawns of one third acre or smaller. A very nimble machine weighing only 64 pounds, on 7 inch (front) and 8 inch (rear) wheels, easy to store, with fold up handle, easy to maneuver around trees etc. with no cord.

The 18 inch blade sits in a larger deck, so you will find you’ll need to overlap slightly to get complete coverage. The machine comes complete with mulch plug, bag for cuttings, safety key ( a feature like the kill switch on a boat) and a charger unit.
BD CM1836

The cutting depth is easily adjusted with just one lever

BD CM1836a-450


Battery Life

Feedback  from customer already having bought this mower was generally favorable, but there was a large ( 10% ) number who found the battery life very poor, some getting as little as 20 minutes mowing time, then needing the overnight charge. Even in the positive feedback,  a couple noticed significantly less power ( mowing time) available from the battery in the second season compared to the first seasons use. As this model does not feature a replaceable battery, you can’t keep one on charge while you mow with the other. Another common complaint was the very high cost of a replacement battery, some paying up to 200 bucks!   Black & Decker, normally a very good reliable and well know brand were slated for poor response time to customers complaints, poor service and high price.

As usual there will be a huge range of different conditions including long or wet grass, hilly, rough terrain, tough grass types , to consider when viewing customers feedback, however there were a lot of complaints for the same thing, which is not a good sign.

Our reviewer rated this BD model 4/10 Heavy and underpowered, integrated battery inconvenient for charging and limited options when storing over winter. Poor value



BD CM1836a-150







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