Black and Deckers latest cordless mower the SPCM1936 features a 36 volt battery system , self propelled wheels, lightweight polymer deck new design of cutting blade for max efficiency and quick charger. It is best in the 1/3 acre range of yard. The products in the Black and Decker electric mower range all carry a 2 year warranty.

Black & Decker SPCM1936_450

Handling and Weight

It is very easy to handle for use and for easy storage, although a couple of buyers did comment about the weight being a bit on the heavy side….. an astonishing 92 pounds!  This is a whole 42 pounds more than the Greenworks cordless model reviewed on this site. This I think is mainly due to the old style lead acid battery ( totally sealed type ) .

Well at least its going to be a robust and simple system, no complex electronics to fail !  And, care of the lead acid batteries is pretty straightforward and you can find a lot of information on this subject on line. This mower will last many many seasons without the need to replace the battery if the advice in the manual is followed correctly. Once the battery is removed , the handle folds easily to make storage room required minimal.

BD SPCM1936_store

Black & Decker SPCM1936folded_450

To facilitate getting the mower to its destination, under power, the blades can be disengaged to prevent damage.

The grass was 6 inches high in several patches and the grass was very wet. I was curious as to how well the mower would cut though. I was, in a word, impressed.

I like how the drive wheels slip gradually into gear, (nice!) but the slowest forward speed is not slow enough for cutting through tall grass unless you mow the lawn twice at different cutting heights – which the manual recommends. With a mower like this, (or any electric mower I suppose) you cannot directly compare it with gas-powered mowers with 3-4 times the horse power

Very easy to put together and the start up was quite simple. The grass was kind of high and damp so I did have to stop and clean the grass out a couple of times-not complicated at all. The self propelled was great going up my hills.

BD SPCM1936_150


Our review rating for this model was 5/10, competent simple design good size cutter but the huge 92 pound weight would be a big drawback for some users

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