The GreenWorks G-MAX range of Mowers with 40V 4 AH Li-Ion Batteries, combines up to date battery technology with clean designs, making practical machines which should provide very good service over many years. The current models have 20 inch, 19 inch and 16inch cutters.


The Top of the Range 25302 twin power: Uses 2 batteries , auto switches between them. Twin 10 inch cutting blades 10inch ( rear )  / 8inch wheels



The GMax 26312 19inch  Single battery use ( 2 supplied ) 8″ rear wheels, 7 inch front

Greenworks 25312 19inch_450



The GMax 25322 16 inch Single battery use, one supplied  6″ / 7″ wheels

Greenworks Gmax 16inch 25322_450



Want a 4 year Guarantee?

Greenworks are obviously confident in their products. They offer a 4 year limited warranty against faulty manufacture. Follow the manufacturers advice on storing your Li Ion batteries and you will have  trouble free full use over several years.

Getting Around the Garden

The  GMax is very easy to get around corners thanks to  its large rear  wheels. The cutting height adjustment is at the rear, has multiple positions from 1.25 inch to 3.125 inch and is positive and easy to adjust with its lever. Mulching, Bagging or Side shute are easily selected. The grass cuttings bag is a decent size, the cut is 16/19/20 inches wide and each model in the range works efficiently , it does the job, no fuss!


The power is supplied by either one or two 40 volt high tech Li Ion ( Lithium Ion) Battery, these do not suffer from discharge memory loss, which  the older Ni Cadmium types were prone to and which prevented full charge level being achieved.  It has been designed with a 40 volt battery ( model type 29462 or 29472 ), which is very capable. It will give  full power use for about  60 minutes, more than adequate for most yards

The 19″ and 20″ models are supplied with 2 batteries, the 16″ has one. On the top model both batteries are in the mower at the same time, once one is exhausted the other is switched in automatically by the on board electronics. On the 19″ model you can have one on charge whilst the other is in use. The deck is of steel construction, the total weight is 65 pounds, which is a good 40 pounds less than the average gas mower and  very maneuverable on its large wheels.

Customers Said…

 This is a very well designed product, in the dozen or so times I’ve used it so far it has performed better than I expected.

This is a great little lawnmower. The lawnmower worked like a charm the first time we used it. Unfortunately the second time, it woudn’t even start. After looking online, this was a VERY common problem. ( the switch cable is slightly too long and needs crimping to shorten it . Easy repair )

small things make a big difference, like the terminals on the battery being on the top of the loading bay so clippings or moisture does not damage the connectors on the battery or the socket. the steel mowing deck is a nice touch as well. other than some small quibbles i feel this thing is well made.

hear me when i say this: this thing is strong. i have ran over some seriously thick grass and large leaf piles and there was no effort on its part. i love the fact that the motor will run at half power until it senses a heavy load and increases the power output to accommodate the situation

20 inch Gmax  twin power








19 inch Gmax
Greenworks 25312 19inch_150




16 inch Gmax
Greenworks GMax 16inch 25322_150






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