Worx have a little gem, with this model. Quite probably the lightest mower currently available at just  30 pounds.  It will suit those with small lawns perfectly. The feedback has been terrific from new owners of this very popular selling unit. Like all battery electric powered models it is super quiet. This one updates a previous Worx model with the additional “Intellicut” electronics, which is designed for extra power when cutting longer grass. Though really  the key market here is the small lawn up to 10000 sq ft, which it will do on a single charge. Being powered by a 24volt battery, it is surprisingly powerful for such a small model.


There is a facility with the provided charger, to leave the battery on charge , effectively keeping the lead acid unit up to 90% fully charged. Personally I never leave any battery on permanently, lead acid batteries emit gas in small quantities but if a fault were to develop it could result in high pressure gas and rupture of the casing, not to be recommended I speak from personal experience!!


If you are considering this mower but your lawn area is in excess of 10000 sq ft then the solution would be to purchase a spare battery, keeping one on charge and alternating them in use. The BUY NOW Links below are shown for both mower and spare battery.  A full charge will give you about 40 minutes on full power mode or about an hour on “quiet”  mode.


Make sure you have the facility to sharpen the blade. As I have explained elsewhere on the blog, keeping the cutters sharp will eliminate most of the moans that people make when using the mower, after all would you put up with a slow puncture on your car, or watch a green picture on the tv because a  wire was loose?  Having tested many mowers of much different design and power, the blade is ( sorry about the pun ) at the cutting edge.


One gripe I had, and it was mentioned by a couple of buyers, the cutting height adjustment was quite tough, but it did adjust ok. The  mower will operate in different modes, you can select to mulch, bag or rear discharge the grass cuttings. The size of the cuttings bag  is adequate for the size of lawn it is meant for, certainly a breeze to unhook and empty.








A spare battery is a really good idea , especially if your yard is over the 9000 sq ft mark, one in the mower and one on charge. The Worx is a very reasonable price.






Our reviewer rated the Worx 7/10 very good value, not for the toughest of lawns but for most gardeners with a tidy yard this is perfect to keep it that way


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