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Husqvarna-7021P-150see full review Our overall review rated the Husqvarna 7021p mower 10/10 No serious reported defects and exceptional engine from Honda 1stPlace
Husqvarna5521p_150see full review Husqvarna 5521 model scored 7/10 Well constructed basic features good value best feedback of any mower review 2ndPlace
Lawn Boy 10604-150see full review The Lawn Boy 10604 Overall the Lawn Boy scored 8/10 in our review: Good value, one or two niggles, great starting engine.
Poulan PO500N22S-150see full review Overall Our review rated the Poulan PO500N22S mower 6/10 , an excellent engine  basic mower, slightly incovenient to adjust height
Husqvarna-6021P-150nla  Husqvarna 6021 nice model , let down by many  complaints about Kohler Carburetta problems & poor customer serviceRated 3/10
Husqvarna-XT722FE150nla Husqvarna XT722FEdealers are reportedly taking a long time to deal with the XT7 engine problems. Our review has to reflect the poor feedback from customers so we can only give  it  a rating of  1/10
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