Lawn Boy certainly have their American fans , lots of favorable feedback for this very popular make.

The Lawn Boy 10604 is a Gas powered , rear wheel drive rotary cutting mower, having a  149cc 6-1/2 GT OHV Kohler engine driving a 20 inch cutter.


Lawn Boy 10604a

General Specification

  • Height adjustment is 1-Inch to 4-Inch in 7 stages
  • Variable speed self propelled
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Non-CARB compliant/not for sale in california
  • 2 year warranty NB no returns to Amazon. repairs by local dealer network
  • Weight 85 pounds
  • option to mulch or bag grass cuttings and with extra part you can side discharge too
  • Overhead valve engine no priming required
  • Kohler engine 6.5 GrossTorque rating

Lawn Boys reputation for making good quality and good value products that last well has been upheld with this model. Feedback by customers using the model are 95% in favor! With very few faults reported. One gripe which does come up is from inquiries for help from Lawn Boy, they are it seems a little slow to respond.


Lawn Boy 10604

The optional extra for side discharge chute is available free from Lawn Boy , so don’t bother searching for it online, where it is 8 dollars plus post ,although why a manufacturer would make its customers jump through hoops to get a full product is a mystery.


One great plus point that cropped up frequently in customers comments was how easy the Kohler engine is to start. The forward speed is adjustable and is adequate for most people, going from a slow walk to almost a trot. Note the 6.5 refers to GT -Gross torque, not horsepower, you may find the motor is a little weak if your lawn is more than a few degrees inclined!

Overall the Lawn Boy scored 4/5 in our review: Good value, one or two niggles, great starting engine.

Not a current model
See replacements 10730, 732, 734 series

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