Poulans  PO500N22S gas powered model is a push drive type ( does not drive the wheels). It has a  Briggs & Stratton type 500 gasolene engine delivering 4.75 Horse Power ( the 500 refers to its  stated gross torque figure) . The deck is constructed from steel and maneuvered on 7 inch wheels. The cutting height adjustment is not very convenient as all four wheels have to be adjusted individually. Overall weight is not too bad at 58 pounds, so a manageable piece of kit that doesn’t wear you out pushing it round.

The grass length adjustments are in 5 stages, from 1 inch to 3,3 inches.

Poulan PO500N22S


Reviews were very mixed, some very pleased with their purchase, the 2 year warranty ( for normal domestic use, not for commercial purchases ) is good and is serviced using Poulans network of dealers, or Briggs & Stratton , for any engine problems. Always enquire with your dealer before taking equipment in for service and take proof of purchase for under guarantee repairs.

There is no engine speed/ gas throttle adjustment, a governor takes care of engine speed and seems to work well. Providing the user takes reasonable care of the machine, it was found to start well and run fine. Some users found that the spark plugs, although not expensive , had a very short life, nothing like the recommended 100 hour service interval.

Common mistakes causing problems were, using a bad mixture ( more than the recommended 10% level of ethanol in the gas) or leaving the gas in the tank too long ( stale fuel ) which is known to cause starting problems.

If you are of short stature, beware, the handle angle is not adustable and may be quite uncomfortable to push. Grass discharge is by side chute, but a plate is provided to make the mower chop up the pieces even smaller, there were comments that this caused the mower to choke and stop, the plate can be removed.

Overall Our review rated the Poulan mower 6/10, an excellent engine , basic mower, slightly inconvenient to adjust height


Poulan PO500N22S-150





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