This is the latest 40 volt version of Black & Deckers Weed Wacker range. Its 40 volt Lithium battery and custom built motor and control system is about as good as it gets , giving the variable power feature. Use it to trim those tough thick stems on full power and neaten up those lawn edges on a low setting. The battery is designed to last for a mile of work, quite a considerable improvement on anything that has gone before.


With a quick flick, the orientation of the cutter is changed from vertical to horizontal , making those harder to reach areas less tiring for you.

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The new type battery is about 33% more efficient than the previous NiCad generation of batteries and will achieve a full charge is only an hour ! An enormous  improvement when comparing that with the old lead acid batteries which took an overnight charge at best and would not have been suitable weight wise for portable products like this one .




















The cutter is 13 inch wide, the cutting speed will go from 6500 rpm for lawn edging to 8500 rpm maximum power for tougher work. The line automatically feeds out from the spool when required, without any intervention or ‘bumping’ like other makes.

What real Black n Decker Customers Said…

The trimmer had no issue with any of it. It cut through milkweed and other stalky weeds with ease. It is much lighter and far easier to handle than my Stihl trimmer; I had way less fatigue. My lot is about 16,000 ft2 with fences, landscaping stones, a hedge row, and 5 fully grown trees, and it did the whole thing on one charge

Some of the reviewers had problems with battery life, and I had a bit of concern, so I waited to review this product until after winter storage. I followed the instructions and kept the battery in the charger all winter. In fact, I have kept this battery in its charger constantly since I bought it a year ago, and keep it stored in my basement to avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold. Two weeks ago, I used the trimmer, and it is just like new. Same battery life as when it came out of the box.

Powerful, easy to handle, no messy gas/oil mix, no extension cord, relatively quiet. PLENTY of power and the 40V battery lasts a long time and recharges quickly. A quality product. Why buy a gas powered model any more?




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